About Abatab
A message from Abatab founder, Jeff Jacobson
Welcome! I have been a professional music transcriber for over 20 years, having created the official note-for-note guitar songbooks for artists such as John Mayer, Dave Matthews and Metallica. My goal for Abatab is to provide fans of indie music high-quality, affordable tabs. And because Abatab's mission is also to provide indie artists with a brand-new revenue stream, the artists themselves earn the majority of our sales proceeds. Please feel free to contact me at jeff@abatab.com with any questions or feedback you may have. Thanks for visiting! 


What is Abatab.com all about?
Abatab offers fans of indie music high quality guitar tabs, while providing artists with a new revenue source for their songs. (Artists earn the majority of sales proceeds.) We also hope you'll discover some new artists on our "Free" page via the link in the header.


So the sheet music on Abatab is officially licensed by the artists directly?
Absolutely, yes. All of the artists appearing on Abatab have given their permission for their tabs to be sold with us exclusively, and they receive a majority of the sales proceeds. This is their official sheet music, so purchasing songs on Abatab.com means you're supporting your favorite indie artists. Nice!


Free sheet music with MP3s included?!
Yes! We not only love indie artists here at Abatab - we love their fans, too. So it's our way of saying thank you. Plus we also want our site to be a place for you to discover new artists we think you'll love as much as we do. These artists have agreed to let us include a free download of their MP3 along with their free sheet music. They're good people, people! So give 'em a listen on our "Free" page via the link the header, and follow the easy directions to get some free music. And there's no purchase necessary.


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